Scientists develop low cost, pocket friendly and re-usable water purifier

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Amity scientists develop low cost, pocket friendly and re-usable water purifier using Silver Nano p | Source: NewsTrackIndia, Oct 4, 2012.

NOIDA (U.P.), Oct.4 (ANI): Amity scientists have developed a low cost, pocket friendly and re-usable water purifier using Silver Nano particles.

Dr. V K Jain, Director, AIARS and Dr. Suman Nagpal- Assistant Professor, AIARS, have created ripples in the world of science by developing a re-usable, economic and easy to carry first of its kind water purifier based on silver nano embedded porous concrete pebbles.

The present product in the form of a small portable tea bag is likely to be priced at an unimaginably low cost (most probably as low as Rs. 100) as compared to other products in the segment.

The eco-friendly purifier provides around 99 % decontamination of microbial load in the treated water. The device has very good reusability and its efficacy remains the same even after 120-125 uses of the same pebbles within a time span of 6 months.

The purifier can inhibit the growth of bacteria faster than conventional filters without consuming any energy/voltage or current. It can be reused to cleanse nearly 1000 liters of water in a time span of six months. No such other device exists across the world at such a low cost.

The portability, low cost and simplicity of the proposed system makes it usable for all be it the people in remote areas and high altitudes especially by Armed Forces Personnel who are stationed at high altitudes and directly drink water from rivers or melting ice and don’t have any device (UV/ electricity source) for purification of water. The purifier can also substitute bottled water in India.

Just dip the purifier in a glass of water for few minutes and the water is free from bacteria. The Purifier can be used as tea bag (for a glass); in earthen pots and as a continuous water cleaning system.

Such a historic discovery in the water purification segment was long awaited since most of the water sources in India are contaminated with sewage and agricultural runoff. The World Bank estimates point out that 21% of communicable diseases in the country are related to unsafe water and Diarrhea alone causes more than 1,600 deaths daily.

This unique product has been selected amongst the top 50 innovative ideas during the “Power of Ideas” program in association with IIM, Ahmedabad and Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. The “Power of Ideas” is organized to encourage anyone and everyone with a business idea to realize his entrepreneurial dream. Deserving ideas receive cash grants and seed funds. The entry from Amity University has won a cash prize of Rs. 2, 00, 000.

Out of 30, 000 business plans received in the initial round, only 50 entries made it to the finals, after being short listed by an Evaluation Panel which comprised of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors selected by the Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) along with the Department of Science and Technology.

The purifier is a result of six months of extensive hard work, intensive research and endless rounds of testing the viability of the product. The product thus designed has been Certified and tested by Shriram Institute of Industrial Research. The purifier device is designed, packed and manufactured by Kunstocom (India) Ltd (An AKC Group Company).

The product is already patented by Amity University, Dept of AIARS but due to lack of prototype development facilities in India, such innovations wait for actually benefitting the consumers. (ANI)

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