ETHOS 2015 conference presentations

April 30, 2015 · 1 comment

ETHOS 2015 Conference Presentation Archive

The presentations listed below are on the conference presentation archive.

  • Ashok Gadgil – How Many Test Replicates Needed to Obtain Useful Data
  • Dean Still – The ARC Stoves and Steps to Improve PerformanceDoE
  • Jonathan Posner – Multidisciplinary Design of Innovative Natural Draft..DoE
  • Ryan Gist – Heart of the Hearth
  • Dorothea Otremba – What’s New at GIZ HERA
  • Benjamin Sullivan – Real-Time Monitoring of PM from Wood-Fired Cookstoves
  • Julien Caubel – A Compact, Inexpensive Black Carbon Sensor for Biomass Cookstove Emissions
  • Nelson Byanyima – Stove Testing Experiences at CREEC
  • Daniel Wilson – Cookstove Adoption Measured with SUMs in Darfur
  • Elisa Derby – USAID/WASHplus Bangladesh and Nepal
  • Michelle Kreger – Designing Marketing Trials that Optimize for Stove Adoption and Sustained Usage
  • Nextleaf Analytics – Using Wireless Thermal Sensors to Scale Up Forced Draft Stoves
  • Pam Jagger – The Challenge of Biomass Reliance for Climate, Environment, Health and Welfare in Malawi
  • Praveen Kumar – Dynamics of Sustained Use and Abandonment of Clean Energy Systems in Rural India
  • Andre Ndeky – First Stove Camp in French Speaking Africa
  • Christa Roth – A Tribute to Paal Wendelbo
  • Dale Andreatta – A Few Notes Regarding Sanitation
  • Gregory Egan – Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener
  • Paul Anderson – Important Dates in Stove History
  • Sebastian Africano – Trees Water People Program Update
  • Anamol Pundle – Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of a Natural Draft Cookstove
  • Dale Andreatta – Rocket Stoves with Extended Fuel Chambers
  • Kathleen M. Lask – Simplified Model for Lighting Cone Design
  • Kelly Banta – Corrosion Considerations for Metallic Combustors in Low-Cost, Clean Biomass Cookstoves
  • Kevin Dischino – Experimental Optimization of Forced Draft for PM 2.5 Emissions Reduction
  • Christa Roth – CleanChristian L’Orange – Center for Energy Development and Health CSU
  • Michael A. Johnson – Linking Household Energy Use with Indoor Air Quality
  • Nordica McCarty – A Holistic Assessment of Village Energy
  • Ranyee Chiang – ISO Update
  • David Stokes – TECA for Clean Biomass CookstovesDoE
  • Tim Theiss – Combustion Materials Durability Relationships for Improved Low-Cost Cookstoves
  • Elliot Levine – U.S. Department of Energy’s Cookstove Initiative
  • Ranyee Chiang – Choose Your Alliance Topics
  • John and Flip Anderson- Rocket Mud Ovens
  • Seema Patel – GACC Tools for Evaluating Fuels Impacts and Sustainability
  • Kirk Harris – Wonderwerk Strata Combustor
  • Paul S. Anderson – Advances in TLUD and Other Micro-GasifiersDoE
  • Dean Still – Five Tier 4 Stoves Move Toward the MarketDoE
  • Jessica Tryner – Achieving Tier 4 Emissions and Efficiency in Biomass Cookstoves
  • John Mitchell – EPA Stepwise
  • Sam Bentson – How to Cheat on the WBT
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