Women’s Morbidity and Mortality in the First 2 Years After Delivery According to HIV Status

  • Source:
  • Coutsoudis A et al. 2010. AIDS November 2010. A. Coutsoudis, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa.

  • Summary:
  • HIV-infected women experienced more morbidity and mortality than HIV-uninfected women; this was predicted by maternal immune status and socio-economic factors. HIV-infected women even in the high CD4 strata had higher mortality than HIV-uninfected women from the same population. This study underlines the importance of interventions to improve maternal health, for example, timely antiretroviral treatment, tuberculosis screening, and improved water and sanitation.

  • Keywords:
  • Evidence Base Household Water Treatment & Storage Journal Articles Maternal and Child Health Sanitation/Feces Disposal
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