Water, Engineering and Development Centre Site – Water Supply and Sanitation for Disabled People and Other Vulnerable Groups

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  • Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)

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  • The WEDC website provides research to improve knowledge and use of affordable aids, methodologies, and approaches by water and sanitation service planners and providers, and organisations and individuals who assist disabled people and their families in low-income communities maximise their access and use of the domestic water cycle. There are over 600 million disabled people in the world, of whom over 75% live in developing countries. The poorest suffer from inadequate diet, reduced access to health care, and poor hygiene -- each of which contribute to a higher risk of disability. In turn, disability exacerbates poverty, by placing an added strain on already fragile family economies, and disabled people face problems of access to services and opportunities, compounded by discrimination and social exclusion. Despite all these factors, the poor and disabled are largely ignored by governments and development programmes. WEDC aims to help with social integration, restore dignity to the individual disabled person, and reduce the workload of their family members by improving disabled people's access to and use of the domestic water cycle.

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  • Accessing Water Disabled Patients Evidence Base Formative Research Handwashing (Hand Washing) Nutrition Sanitation/Feces Disposal Stigma Websites
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