Water and HIV/AIDS: Some Strategic Considerations

  • Source:
  • Ashton P, Ramasar V. 2002. Turton A, Henwood R, eds. Hydropolitics in the Developing World: A Southern African Perspective. Pretoria, African Water Issues Research Unit, 217–238

  • Summary:
  • This book challenges the prevailing hydropolitics literature, which is biased in favour of international river basins where conflict is high, as this is inappropriate in Southern Africa. The point of departure is a new definition of hydropolitics as being a study of the authoritative allocation of values in society with respect to water. Emerging from this are two key elements - scale and range. In this regard, the new definition of hydropolitics incorporates all levels in society where values are allocated to water in an authoritative manner. Similarly, the complex and interconnected nature of water issues is reflected as the element of range. Chapter 16 addresses some considerations in regards to water and HIV/AIDS.

  • Keywords:
  • Accessing Water Evidence Base
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