Teacher’s Guide for the Integrated Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education, and HIV/AIDS for Grades 1-7

  • Source:
  • UNICEF. 2001. Lusaka, Zambia. United Nations Children’s Fund.

  • Summary:
  • The school health and nutrition and HIV/AIDS components of BESSIP have developed the psychosocial life skills teachers lesson guide with a focus on water, sanitation, hygiene, and HIV/AIDS education for grades 1 to 7 to assist teach life skills in a participatory manner. These life skills are self-awareness, self-esteem, effective communication, decision making, problem solving, assertiveness, goal setting, value clarification, creative thinking, critical thinking, empathy & interpersonal relationships. The guide covers the following themes, hygiene education e.g. personal, water, food and community hygiene; environmental education e.g. sustainable environment and living in harmony at both local and national level; HIV/AIDS facts, prevention, support, and care for the affected and infected;and making a living.

  • Keywords:
  • Food Hygiene Handwashing (Hand Washing) Household Water Treatment & Storage Sanitation/Feces Disposal Training Resources
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