Estimating the Cost of Providing Home-Based Care for HIV/AIDS in Rwanda

  • Source:
  • Chandler R, Decker C, Nziyige B. 2004.

  • Summary:
  • There are few documented estimates of the cost of HBC for HIV. Those studies that exist (carried out with different methodologies and contexts) show that HBC costs vary by location (rural and urban), service package, and program expansion and maturity. A number of organizations in Rwanda began to offer home-based care services in 2001 on a small scale, and the MiniSanté developed HBC guidelines in 2002. To expand HBC, basic information is needed to clarify the HBC package, including logistics and costs. This report presents the results of a study of the costs of home-based care HIV/AIDS services in Rwanda through a sample of eight HBC programs, the scope of their services, and estimates of costs of providing services per patient.

  • Keywords:
  • Evidence Base Home-Based Care
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