Access to Water and Sanitation for People Living with HIV and AIDS: An Exploratory Study

  • Source:
  • Nkongo D. 2009. AMREF Tanzania. WaterAid

  • Summary:
  • Water and sanitation needs of people living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV) and the likely consequences of inadequate access to water by their households are often not explicitly identified, and integrated into HIV and AIDS interventions and water and sanitation sector programmes. There is a lack of clear arrangements on access to water and sanitation for PLHIV, some evidence of stigma, and overlapping interests between the water and sanitation sector and the HIV and AIDS sector, though not much cooperation between sectors in practice, or in harmonised hygiene promotion messages. Based on these findings, the study makes the following recommendations: water and sanitation programmes should develop strategic partnerships with other stakeholders such as those working on HIV and AIDS to address the most vulnerable including PLHIV and develop alternative strategies to ensure that vulnerable households have access to water and sanitation facilities. Common messages on water and sanitation hygiene should be developed and used by both water and sanitation programmes, and HIV and AIDS programmes to improve chances of message uptake.

  • Keywords:
  • Accessing Water People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) Programming Guidance Sanitation/Feces Disposal Stigma
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